Garden Design

Garden Design in South West London

As specialists in Residential projects, I have worked for many years, successfully creating Garden Designs in South West London.

I incorporate Design Creativity and Flair, based on 27 years of experience in my Private Practice, and together with my two support Architects and Garden Designer/Plantsman; we offer a formidable team of experts to tackle any situation and probability we may encounter.

We are not dogmatic, we will design a proposal for our Client, based on their wishes, but we will play ‘Devil’s Advocate’, and explain why we have done what we have done, and the ultimate decision is always that of the Client, having full knowledge of the decisions for the original design.

  • Our Garden Designs in South West London are distinctive and elegant.
  • We assess the site to achieve the maximum out of the available space.
  • We look at the levels of the site in conjunction with the neighbours, which may require tiering of the garden, for example, which may involve specially designed fences and retaining walls, etc.
  • We work off a palate of Client’s preferences, to work out an ideal scheme.
  • We can use mature trees to block over-looking for example.
  • We would respect any sliding folding glass doors from the house, and, in conjunction with level threshold of the doors, we would create level paving or decking with enough space for a table and chairs, thus creating an ‘Outside Room’ for the house, in the garden.
  • The planting would be carefully chosen, together with any pots or planting containers, in order to maximise on the use of the space.
  • We would design a lighting scheme for the garden.
  • With clever design of lighting in the garden, we can create a ‘theatrical’ effect in low light and after dark, with light percolating through the foliage, and we can show the full extent/area of the garden.

Extensive structures can complement the garden, see ‘Garden Folly’ project, where we designed a summer house in the shape of a Thai structure, where water sprung out of the building over a granite water fall, into a specially designed pond for Koi carp. The water flow was controlled to flow slowly or quickly, which aerated the pond. In addition, there were two secret doors concealed in the wall panelling, that opened onto hidden storage containing all the garden paraphernalia.

We have designed purpose built barbeques, and pergolas, all to set off the garden design.

Many of our Clients for whom we have created Garden Designs in South West London, are very pleased to tell us how we have successfully transformed their homes and lives, with our thoughtful attention to design and detail, to ‘make their dreams come true’.