Planning permissions

Planning Permissions in South West London

As specialists in Residential Projects, I have worked for many years, successfully designing for Planning Permissions in South West London including Lambeth council and Wandsworth council.


Our Planning success is exemplary, because we make the extra effort to go and talk to the Planning Officers, before we make a Planning Application, and build up a rapport, so the Planners know what to expect, not a new Planning Application out of the blue. Some South West London Boroughs can be demanding, but we have the measure of them, and can and have achieved excellent results.

In addition, when the drawings are finalised to be submitted to the Planners, we encourage our Clients to talk to their neighbours, before submission (maybe over a glass of wine), and, as the Architect, we can support our Clients with any neighbour queries. Again, this avoids a letter from the Planning Authority appearing unannounced on a neighbour’s mat, all part of our neighbour-friendly approach.

  • We design all our extensions in an Eco-Friendly way, exceeding the minimum requirements of insulation, for Building Regulations Control, and use ecologically sourced materials, etc., with the aid of Energy Efficiency Consultants.
  • Our work for Planning Permissions in South West London are extremely successful, designing and creating to the maximum, within the confines of the Planning Authority requirements.
  • We make every effort to ensure that any extension we design looks as if it has always been there; and not an extension as such, respecting the demands of the Planning Authority.
  • We are Planning Officer-friendly, and neighbour-friendly in order to maximise our Client’s accommodation in an elegant manner.

Many of our Clients for whom we have successfully designed for, and achieved Planning Permissions in South West London, are very pleased to tell us how we have transformed their homes and lives, with our thoughtful attention to design and detail, to ‘make their dreams come true’.