Basement conversions

Basement conversions & excavations in South West London

As specialists in Residential Projects, I have worked for many years, successfully designing Basement Extensions in South West London.

Our Basement Extensions in South West London are distinctive and elegant, inside and out.

  • We make every effort to ensure that any extension we design looks as if it has always been there; and not an extension as such.
  • We are Planning Officer-friendly, and neighbour-friendly, and to this end we would advocate light wells both front and back to illuminate the Basement with natural light, wherever possible.
  • We would advise on a basement with a good floor to ceiling height, so it doesn’t look or feel ‘mean’.
  • We use specialist sub-contractors to construct the shell, together with all damp prevention measures that will be required, in order to guarantee a successful solution.
  • All the finishes would be carried out by the main contractor.
  • We would suggest sliding folding glass doors onto the terrace/garden.
  • We use a level threshold at the sliding folding glass doors, and create a terrace big enough for a table and chairs, thus creating an ‘outside room’.
  • We design the flooring and suggest this should be the same throughout the entire area, to make the space feel as large as possible. In addition, we would suggest that the entire area of floor be on just one level.
  • We design all Lighting and Heating schemes, and produce drawings to show the location of all power points, TV aerials, telephone, wi-fi outlets, radiators, etc.
  • We will always draw the location of the kitchen, stools, tables and chairs for example, to help Clients understand the spaces, and the effort that has gone into to successfully create ergonomically designed spaces, and volumes.

Many of our Clients for whom we have designed Basement Extensions in South West London, are very pleased to tell us how we have successfully transformed their homes and lives, with our thoughtful attention to design and detail, and ‘make their dreams come true’.