Rear extensions

Rear extensions in South West London

As specialists in Residential projects, I have worked for many years, successfully designing Rear Extensions in South West London.

I incorporate Design Creativity and Flair, based on 27 years of experience in my Private Practice, and together with my two support Architects; we offer a formidable team of experts to tackle any situation and probability we may encounter.

We are not dogmatic Architects, we will design a proposal for our Client, based on their wishes, but we will play ‘Devil’s Advocate’, and explain why we have done what we have done, and the ultimate decision is always that of the Client, having full knowledge of the decisions for the original design.

Our Planning success is exemplary, because we make the extra effort to go and talk to the Planning Officers, before we make a Planning Application, and build up a rapport, so the Planners know what to expect, not a new Planning Application out of the blue.

In addition, when the drawings are finalised to be submitted to the Planners, we encourage our Clients to talk to their neighbours, before submission (maybe over a glass of wine), and, as the Architect, we can support our Clients with any neighbour queries. Again, this avoids a letter from the Planning Authority appearing unannounced on a neighbour’s mat, all part of our neighbour-friendly approach.

  • We design all our extensions in an Eco-Friendly way, exceeding the minimum requirements of insulation, for Building Regulations Control, and ecologically sourced materials, etc., using Energy Efficiency Consultants.
  • Our Rear Extensions in South West London are distinctive and elegant, inside and out.
  • We make every effort to ensure that any extension we design looks as if it has always been there; and not an extension as such.
  • We are Planning Officer friendly, and we would suggest an extension which is elegant and sympathetic to the host building, with sliding folding glazed doors and glass to a roof.
  • We would suggest an extension to the First Floor, in harmony with the Ground Floor extension.
  • We match the existing windows, so on a Victorian property for example, we use wood double hung sliding sash windows, to the latest double glazed specifications and details, to look elegant, and to appease the Planners.
  • We maximise on natural light into our extensions, so white window frames and roof lights, flood the interior with the maximum of natural light, and we advise on the location of curtains or blinds, to protect this natural resource. To this end, we point out that the light from the highest part of a glazed window, is the light that penetrates the deepest into the room.
  • We design all Lighting schemes, and produce drawings to show the location of all power points, TV aerials, telephone, wi-fi outlets, etc.
  • We will always draw the location of the kitchen, stools, tables and chairs, for example, to help Clients understand the spaces, and the effort that has gone into to successfully create ergonomically designed spaces, and volumes.
  • We have designed over 300 kitchens, so we would design a bespoke fully-fitted kitchen, which would be made by our in-house manufacturers. See ‘Kitchen Extensions’ for more details.
  • Alternatively, Clients can go to a named kitchen manufacturer.

Many of our Clients for whom we have designed Rear Extensions in South West London, are very pleased to tell us how we have successfully transformed their homes and lives, with our thoughtful attention to design and detail, to ‘make their dreams come true’.