Architects in Battersea SW11

Battersea’s industrial roots have all but been effaced. Intense redevelopment has given this area an almost unrecognisable facelift, with gleaming new riverside homes replacing tired, derelict factories and altering SW11’s skyline.

Young professionals, renters and the extremely wealthy have moved in with the addition of 3,400 new homes in the iconic Battersea Power Station truly making Battersea a steel and glass- fronted urban ne plus ultra.

Battersea has a mix of modern riverside apartments, spacious mansion flats around 200-acre Battersea Park, Victorian terrace houses and social housing estates. Despite most families being priced out of the area ( teamed with the general lack of available property stock), the families that do reside in this part of London tend to stay put. The pending Northern line extension will push prices further and residents have the option of cashing in.

Anthony Thomas Architects have carried out a number of projects in Battersea. The most popular architects services are loft conversions and kitchen extensions in the Victorian terraced houses.

Our design & building services in Battersea

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