Garden Folly in Balham

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Garden Folly in Balham


Garden design in Balham SW17

After completely refurbishing and extending the Victorian house, the garden was designed to respect its extreme length.

Part of this design incorporated a Folly or Summer House, in the style of a Thai Structure at the end of the garden. Water springs out of the structure on a controlable flow over granite to a delightful fish pond surrounded by York Stone.

The structure is made of Hemlock wood (which enjoys being constantly immersed in water) and is topped off with a cedar shingle roof. There are secret doors to the rear which lead to hidden sheds which house all the garden paraphernalia one needs for a large garden. One of our client’s specifications was that the handrail to the balustrade had to be wide enough to take a gin and tonic – which we tested at length at its inauguration.